We are different than the others

The Champions League of headhunting.

We are different than the others. You will see decisive differences between hunting heads and the other headhunting or HR consulting companies when you look at the structure and working method of our group of firms. Our consultants and headhunting partners are all "old hands" and have management experience in different landmark positions in different industries and companies.

The hunting heads worldwide executive search group is a worldwide business group of independent leading executive search consulting firms that meet the high requirements of the hunting heads group. Each of our independently owned and managed member firms are leaders in their local and national market. Hunting heads Group members and Partners range in size from boutique companies to major global corporations and networks..

hunting heads worldwide executive search Group seal represents quality and real Headhunting / executive search

The peculiarity of this unique network or business group is that we search exclusively headhunters as members, who are former or active top managers, some with management experience in international companies and groups. We are looking forward to working with you as soon as possible. 

Each of our headhunters has a life experience of at least 45 years.


We are fast

In 90% of our orders we can present first candidates after appr. 3 weeks!

We are open to the world

We use the Internet as an advertising media. All positions we fill are being placed in more than 60 online job portals. Candidates have the possibility to apply

Degree of brand awareness

We are market leaders in Europe. Most properly we have more visitors on our homepage applying for positions than at all our competitors together. We have about 1 million visitors and appr. 4.000 inquiries per month!

Knowledge of the industry

All hunting heads consultants have longstanding expertise in industry.!

Guarantee of quality

We guarantee our customers that we will fill the open position. We do not take candidates from our existing customers

Professional standards

We will not send C.V.s to companies without the knowledge and approval of our candidat