Top level Outplacment

Positioning on the employment market

Finding Job for Top Manager/ Inverse Headhunting in the Executive Segment

Our program guarantees the client active attention and support for a successful new career and professional positioning on the employment market. Our offer is geared to the general conditions as to time and investment that employers offer their staff.

Content of program

- Appraisal
- Formulating the person’s strong points
- Working out a strategy for market placing
- Carrying out an advertising campaign
- Assistance with integration

Finding a position

- Situation at commencement of counseling
- Clarifying current professional/personal situation
- Expectations as to the future
- Personality test
- The current state of the employment market

Professional personality profile

- Carrying out an analysis of personal strengths
- Self-perception and interpersonal perception/effect
- Linking strengths and successes: track record

Training for job interviews

- Presenting CV and reasons for change
- Preparing for critical situations
- Questions about the company/vacant post
- Interview tactics and success factors
- Interview training
- Preparing at Assessment Centre

Positioning - Professional application documents

- Producing a powerful CV
- Developing a personal skills profile
- Verbal presentation of CV with video training
- Certificates/ratings/references

Video training

- Interactive effect of personality
- Content evaluation (verbal/non-verbal) of a interview simulation
- Successful self-presentation

Market development

- Developing a personal marketing strategy
- Coping with the particularities of the target industry
- Formulating a personal utility offer
- Combining career and personal aims
- Developing career alternatives from skills profile and track record

Opening up a new market - Building up, maintaining and utilising networks

- Acquiring and selecting a professional and personal contact partner
- Purposeful approaches and testimonials
- Cultivating personal network
- Making and expanding new contacts
- Contacts and dealing with personal advisers

Working the open employment market

- Access to the employment market
- Evaluating job advertisements
- Formulating covering letters
- Dealing with various modes of application
- Developing initiative applications with personal
utility offers

Tapping the concealed employment market

- Compiling a list of target firms
- Researching job potential
- Direct appeal to decision makers and companies.