Interim Management


hunting heads interim Management is a department within hunting heads worldwide Executive Search Group and is specialized to place highly qualified Top Managers being in the interim business. Due to our efficient networking we are able to introduce candidates with 24 - 48 hours. Our candidates are selected personalities out of more than 1.000 applicants. Only those who are highly qualified will be registered. 90% off all applicants will not be accepted. Again, we only look for the ELITE!

The interim Managers introduced by hunting heads are able to analyse situations and structures pretty fast. Turnarounds, Growth, Developments or simply managing existing structures are being done with the necessary sensibility and know how.


- Bridging of vacancies
- Change Management
- Software launching such as ERP/SOX/SAP
- Merger & Acquisition
- Build up or optimize new Business areas
- Managing new joint ventures
- Change of ownership
- Formation of a company
- Finance (HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP, BilMoG etc.)
- Restructuring
- Project management
- Due Diligence
- and others

Possible assignments for interim Managers

Our interim Managers are


- C- Level top Managers (CEO, COO, CFO, , CRO, CIO, CMO)
- Long standing project and leadership experience
- Having know how in your business area
- Having splendid references
- Ability to handle crises
- Strong communicators
- Having social competence 

Advantages of interim Management


- Interim Managers are available at short notice
- They adapt very fast and are knowledgeable in many branches and areas of business
- They are independent
- They bring fresh thinking in your operation
- Direct benefit to the costs

What are the costs for interim Managers:

Depending on duration, complexity and level the costs are between € 800 and € 3.600 per day.

The average is about € 1.200 per day.

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