hunting Heads for companies.

Direct Search, Board Consulting, CEO Succsession, Teamhunting, Manager heads, hunting her / Interim Management.

We are management headhunters. But with lots of practical experience because our headhunters have all been working as top-level managers for various firms and groups of companies, some of them international.

We share these many years of varied experience with you – companies, organizations and institutions urgently wishing to fill their vacancies with top-rate candidates or requiring support on critical management levels in the medium or long term. Our focus is on the following areas:

- C -Level (CIO,CEO,COO,CMO etc)
- Presidents
- Executive Board Members
- Supervisory Board Members
- Generalist
- Managing Director
- Business Development Managers
- Top Manager
- Director Sales and Marketing Manager

Our headhunter Members are specialist in the following areas:

• Waste / disposal / recycling
• Drive technology / conveying technology
• Plant construction / special-purpose machines
• Car manufacturing and car accessories
• Automation / process engineering
• Railway technology / rail track technology
• Banking / Allfinanz
• Construction, industrial, commercial, building chemistry
• Building machines
• Biotechnology / biochemistry
• Chemical industry / polymers / PVC / environmental engineering
• Print / packaging / paper / copying systems
• Services / call centers / foundations
• Electrical marketplace / e-business / portals / platforms 
• Energy / power plants/ wind power
• Vehicle construction
• Health / hospitals
• Trade / consumer goods / branded products
• Human resource management
• Healthcare / pharmaceutical industry / communications agencies 
• Information and communication systems
• Industry and technology

• IT systems house / hardware / software

• Adhesives / silicone industry
• Air-conditioning / ventilation / heating / sanitary
• Cosmetics
• Plastics technology / injection-molding machines
• Warehousing, haulage, logistics industry 
• Laser technology / physics / optics
• Printed circuit boards, chip industry / semi-conductors
• Mechatronics / robotics
• Medical technology / medical devices
• Marine engineering / shipbuilding
• Metal / metal processing
• Military / aviation / space travel
• Furniture / office furniture
• Instrumentation, sensor and precision technology
• Raw materials / clay, cement, kaolin
• Lubricants industry 
• Solar energy
• Football player management
• Sport management (football / basket ball)
• Textile industry / fashions
• Coach recruiting
• Association management
• Publishers / books / catalogs / dispatch

We give employees in management positions the opportunity to submit their job application proactively to enable us to approach them when a suitable vacancy must be filled. At present, our Manager Pool contains substantially more than 17,000 contact data records of managing directors, project managers, top managers, supervisory board members of large industrial group structures, etc. – all of them are interested in new challenges.

We find the suitable candidate as member of your management team - regionally, nationally, globally.

We search the market directly and, with the Direct Search approach, look at your competitors.

Search, selection and analysis of applicants for positions in your company.

We do not rely on placing job ads in newspapers – our headhunter network enables us to act for you quickly and efficiently, internationally where appropriate, and thus find the ideal candidate for you in the global competition.

We have the experience and the networks to find for you as company, e.g., a suitable department manager or CEO - as new member of your management team or for a limited time. We consult with you as company in all important matters when vacancies requiring special professional or management skills must be filled – regionally, nationally or globally. Together with us, find out the difference between staff consultant and real headhunting.